Step 1

Please check if you are required to obtain a visa to enter Japan on the website below:

Please check by the following steps.
See "Short-Term Stay" in "1. Visa Application Procedures".
For pariticipants from Russia, CIS countrties, Georgia and Philippines
⇒Click your country's button.

For participants from other countries and regions
⇒Click "Countries or Regions for Visa Exemptions" button and check if your country or region is exempted from visa requirements.
⇒If your country or region is not exempted, please click "Other Nationalities" button.

If you are Diplomatics or Official Passport Holders, please see:

Step 2

If you are required to obtain a visa, please follow the instruction for application on the page below:

Participants are responsible for your own visa application. The secretariat can provide visa supporting documents and help you to find necessary information.

Visa supporting documents which we are able to process are such as:
 • Invitation letter
 • Letter of Guarantee
 • Schedule of stay
*If you need other documents, please send us a request with details.

To find your nearest Embassy of Japan or Consulate-General of Japan, please see the page below:

There is also a useful list of Japanese embassies and consulates providing information in local languages:

Step 3

In order to send us requests of supporting documents, please provide the details at "VISA Supporting Documents" when you register for the Workshop. Please be informed that it takes a while to issue those documents, so please send us the requests in good time. Especially, if you need original documents, give us at least two weeks to issue and deliver documents to your place.

Should you have any questions regarding visa application, please contact Stage Inc.